The < > of Death.

Fill in the blank. For instance, The Big Hitting Stick of Death is my nickname for my 5’ walking stick.

“The burning wand of flaming death” is what I call my very cool scripto “wind-resistant” lighter that I use to light the grill. It’s like a mini blowtorch.

It gained that name when I discovered a black widow in the charcoal that I wished to be rid of without touching it, or even come close to.

I also used to drive “The Ford Escort of Eternal Peril”. That’s because you had to answer three questions before driving it. “What is your name?” “What is your quest?” “Which critical engine part is not functioning properly today?”

The Evil Death Highway of Doom is my name for Highway 401, especially the really wide part through Toronto. :slight_smile:

The Highway of FUN is my name for the 401, expecially when I’m zooming across the really wide parts in Toronto. :smiley:

The Technician(s) of Terror: The various employes of the offices of my dentist and orthodontist.

The Couch of Morpheus: We used to have an old loveseat on our front porch, which gets very sunny and warm by midafternoon. Normally I do not fall asleep easily, but 5 minutes on that thing around 4 pm and I was dead to the world. I sure miss it.

We don’t ride it at the same time, do we? :slight_smile:

The Giant Floating Pooh Head of Death.

When our son was about two, someone gave him a large (18" wide or so) fluffy pillow in the shape of Winnie-the-Pooh’s head, with a loop at the top so it could be carried. Somehow it wound up hanging from the end of the curtain rod in his room, where it instantly became the GFPHoD.

The <> of Death? I thought this would be about doomy HTML.

Any song where I have to sing one melody, while everyone around me seems to be singing several other ones, as if trying to throw me off, is the #-Part Harmony Of Death, where # is sometimes as low as 2, but sadly too often closer to 7 or 8.