The Office: 5/4 (open spoilers)

Angela on an infomercial? For Walgreens? Smiling? Wow, that must have been surreal :eek:

Dwight backing off his ultimatum was also funny. You have to make a decision by tonight. Are you going to make a dicision this week? By next week? Maybe. Okay.

Rainn Wilson has been in a lot of other stuff and playing quite different characters. He’s quite the chameleon. I think he’s a really good actor.

It was actually rather creepy.


He was perfectly weird as Arthur in “Six Feet Under.”

This episode made me feel really sorry for Toby. He obviously has to put up with more crap than almost anybody else at that office. He seems so resigned to it.

I also liked when Creed automatically turned to the side when getting his ID picture taken, as if it was a mug shot.

Dwight going on about bringing a potato gun to work, and then wrapping up with, “Can you imagine if I was deranged?” Had to pause and laugh at that.

Michael to Toby: “Your solution for everything is to get a divorce!” Ah yes, the master mediator, there.

Dwight was in that horrible movie “Sahara,” though he was pretty funny in it as comic relief.

I saw Jenna Elfman on, I think, Conan O’Brien, and I thought she was super-hot. As Pam, on the show, she’s pretty, but only because the other women aren’t as attractive.

The best line, I thought, was with Dwight talking about how he never smiles: (paraphrasing) “I never smile when I don’t have to. Primates bear their teeth as a sign of submission. Whenever I see someone smile, I see a chimpanzee begging for his life.”

Ugh, I know I screwed that quote. :smack:

I think you meant Jenna Fischer and not Jenna Elfman.

I believe Jenna Fischer falls under the classic definition of “cute.”

Oh, dear God.


Jenna Fischer.

I’m sure it was just a slip, but don’t confuse her with that vapid waste of air from Dharma and Greg. PLEASE. :stuck_out_tongue:

I brought the tape of the show to work for a co-worker this morning, and I was very tempted to rewatch it in the conference room over lunch. I didn’t, but only because I was very into my book.


Photog: Smile!
Dwight: No.



I believe I saw that same episode of Conan (or was it Leno?) with Jenna Fischer. She was promoting the movie Slither, in which she appears; apparently, she’s always wanted to play a zombie, and she didn’t get to do it in her husband’s earlier movie, the remake of Dawn of the Dead, so she was mighty thrilled to wear the zombie makup in the new movie. I saw it, and her appearance was very brief, but sure enough, there she was, playing a dispatcher in a sheriff’s office.

I loved the way Toby sat and immediately got up in his ID photo.

I think Oscar’s rant about the poster would have fit well in the Pit. Beautifully worded. And Angela’s explanation why she loved it was so corny, does anyone remember what she said? I think it was something about God and how kids are the real artists.

The guy who plays Jim was on Conan once. Apparently he used to be an intern on Conan’s show.
I loved it when Pam called Dwight “Bobble-head Joe” and the camera panned to him, pausing on the bobble-head.

I loved this episode. I had to pause the show until I could stop laughing after Dwight got his ID. “My middle name is Kurt, not Fart.” HA!

This part was hilarious, but it was so clever because it showed Michael giving in to Toby’s method of listening and not doing anything about it.

And in my mind the final shot with Toby filing the complaints in storage is absolutely a nod to “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”


I haven’t seen this mentioned yet:

My thought of the final “Raiders of the Lost Ark” scene was that all of those warehoused boxes were complaints against Micheal.

Anyone else read it this way?

I did, originally (see above), but I’m now of **Menocchio’s ** view that he simply hid the files in Dunder Mifflin’s warehouse full of boxes of blank paper so that Michael couldn’t find them.

I could have sworn all those boxes said something like “File Storage”. I’ve deleted it from our TiVo so I can’t check, but I think they were all meant to be old files. I doubt they were ALL about Michael, but the complaints were definitely getting buried in a bunch of old paperwork that no one would ever see again.

I went to Junior High with both John and BJ (Jim and Ryan, respectively). Played baseball on the team with John. Lost touch with them in college and beyond. Imagine my surprise to see both their faces on an NBC sitcom one day…

Both very cool guys, btw.

I just remembered the best line:

“The bathroom is NOT whites only!”

“Then why does it have a picture of a white man on it?”