The Office - Test the Store - March 1, 2012 - Season 8, Ep. 17

In Florida:

The team gets ready to open the new Sabre retail store. Dwight is eager to impress Nellie. Ryan is chosen to be Sabre’s Steve Jobs-style pitchman, but he suffers from performance anxiety. Jim futzes around until he has to step up and give the presentation. Erin is tasked with making like a hipster. Kathy must sex up the bloggers.

In Scranton:

Andy gets beaten up by a 12-year-old girl and Toby is asked to offer training on self defense.

I’m also a fan of Zooey Des Channel and Coacherita.

I thought the funniest part was Toby’s lame self-defense training.

Least favorite this season.

What I said in the other The Office thread:

"I didn’t like that Andy didn’t just tell everyone what really happened. Yes, people may find it funny that he was hit by a little girl, but there’s nothing embarrassing about it. What was he going to do? Hit her back?

Nobody would find the presentation Jim gave applause worthy."

BTW, is it Kathy or Cathy?

IAATG: It’s all about the groin.

Not a very good episode, but I LOLed at Creed’s strike-scream-run.

A rape flute???


Creed was great.

Dude, it’s totally humiliating to get beat up by a 12 year old girl. No man I can think of would want that news getting out.

I’ve realized everyone they left at Scranton is not interesting at all, they only work as background and secondary characters.

Very true.

The funniest bit was the comicly awesome sign guy at the end.

I liked all the Chuck references. I’m not sure if they didn’t realize Chuck would be off the air by the time this episode aired or if that was an intentional “meta” joke about how lame all this stuff in the Sabre store is (pyramids? seriously?)

I like that the demo of the pyramid kept cutting off important parts of the image, demonstrating exactly why a triangle is a terrible shape for a tablet.

But the pyramid contains all other shapes. That’s…not…

I thought this was a better episode than some this season… The Onion AV Club review links to an interview with Paul Lieberstein who apparently basically admits this season hasn’t been great and says it will get better. So… fingers crossed. I still find a few reasonably big laughs most episodes, and this was no exception.

Of course it does… as long as you draw the other shapes small enough.