The Office (U.S.) is not funny

I’ve watched 5 or 6 episodes and haven’t even gone close to raising the corners of my mouth. No character is remarkable, they are so bland you can’t even hate them. The dialogue is as unfunny as you can go.

It’s like a show based on the worst part of George Costanza (stupid, selfish and petty) and Kramer (clueless) without any even remotely endearing part.

Hey, more power to you if you like it, but…dude it’s dull.

The U.S. version jumped the shark around two seasons ago. However, the first two, possibly three, seasons, were comedic gold.

Cool story, bro.

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Is this what Cafe Society is for now? People just dropping by to say they don’t like a show and adding little lines like, “Hey, more power to you if you like it, but…dude it’s dull.”



That’s what she said.

Agree. The acting is awful and the shaky-cam nauseates me.

It’s anti-humor.

I didn’t find it funny, certainly not as a good at the UK version. Part of it is I just hate Steve Carell. I liked him in the 40 Year Old Virgin but other than that, I don’t think he’s the least bit funny. But I know that’s just me.

We’ve tried it sober, lightly tipsy and somewhat stoned. Haven’t laughed yet!

no, not just you. i loved 40 year old virgin, even anchorman. however evan almighty, the Office, and the previews for Date Movie are just… not funny.

Agree that it used to be a lot funnier, but I’m optimistic it’ll pick up again. They need more of the auxiliary characters like Angela, Meredith, Creed, Kelly, etc. Too much Michael and Dwight get old pretty fast.

I too never found the UK or the US versions even slightly amusing, but I do have a problem with “embarrassment” humor, though I did like “Extras”, but that seemed to be more famous actors taking the piss out of them selves.

If only they could pull a joke 1% as funny as this, because even their trademark “that’s what she said” is painful to watch.

What should I’ve done? Kept quiet? Open another generic Office thread? Do the same but in the Pit?

Every weekly The Office thread on this board has a post along the lines of “Blah blah didn’t smile once blah blah not believable blah blah removing it from my tivo.”. Your post isn’t exactly distinctive enough to merit a separate thread.

If we could just move all those posts to this topic and keep 'em out of the episode topics, I’d be fine with that.

The only funny thing Steve Carell ever did was that goofytalk scene in Bruce Alrightythen.

And even that wasn’t really him, it was Jim Carey making him do that with his God powers.

wait a minute …

I’m not sure, really.

I think that if something is a phenomenon, a thread declaring one’s dislike would be warranted. I think there is one for Avatar, for example.

Something like the US Office, though, just isn’t big enough or hailed enough to warrant it.

Indeed, I might just post in the weekly thread for that week’s episode.

Or, perhaps I would post a thread entitled, “Is the American Office just not funny, or am I missing something?” and then genuinely ask about what makes it funny to others and ask if you have watched the wrong episodes or if it is in a decline.

Instead of posting a thread that flat states that the movie/TV show/whatever is unfunny or bad, perhaps a genuine inquiry into what makes it popular and whether you have missed something would be better.

By the way, I think the US Office is OK, but not that amazing. I’m not a great defender of it or anything.

I recommend the episode “The Injury” from Season Two. I think it was really funny.

Sorry, I disagree. At most I’d agree that it could’ve been an IMHO or an extremely mild Pit.
There are tons of Office threads, but most are about episodes. Mine is what it is.
You are always free to not click.

I am not interested in knowing why other people think it is funny.