The older I get ...

… the less willing I am to read prose that draws attention to itself as prose.

… the more patient I am with others – and myself.

… the happier I get.

. . . the easier it is to get laid, but the less I care about it.

… the more I enjoy walks along the beach.

… the more matured I get , and more ashamed about how immature I were.

( hope the grammar is correct ) :wink:

…the more I enjoy my own company, and the less I’m willing to compromise to secure the company of other people who aren’t truly exceptional in some way.

Lizard took mine, apparently, before I even thought of it!

…the more I realize that I was so wrong when I was younger and thought I was so right.


Very close: “The older I get, the more mature I get, and the more ashamed I am about how immature I was.”
The older I get, the more I don’t care if I’m wearing last year’s (or last decade’s) jeans, the more I’m willing to embarrass my kid by hugging him in public, and the less I recognize anyone on the red carpet.

…the less patient I get.

I forget what I came in here to say.


You win ! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I am still laughing .

…the older I look. (Yeah, the 2-1/2 hours of sleep last night doesn’t help—and it’s NOT because I was getting laid or partying like a rock star.)

… the more I appreciate that my job does not define who I am.

… the less grief I give myself for not being perfect.

… the less often I run out of stuff (TP, stamps, ice cream, etc.)

… the less shampoo I need to use.

…the more I realize that, although I’m a bit more experienced, I’m basically the same jerk as I was 20 years ago.

… The more loyal I am to myself.

(If I tell myself to do something I do it)

edit: And if I tell myself not to worry about x, y or z I do a pretty good job of not worrying about it.

…the less time I have to shape myself into who I want to be. And the more frustated I become thinking about it.

…the more appealing a quick lotto win seems, and the less likely it will actually happen.

…the more I foresake parties and drinking for a relaxing evening with the Dope.

…the less celebrities i recognise

… the more I realize that everything goes in cycles.