The omnibus angry elderly Florida blogger thread

It’s pretty easy to be Many Time Champion if you cheat like a motherfucker every time you play. He can’t stop whining and playing the martyr, which makes him a lot like his supporters, whether they’re talking about the war on Christmas, Critical Race Theory, Confederate statues, Hillary’s emails, Hunter Biden, etc. ad nauseum.

Ha ha, yeah, every time I saw that stupid fucking lion meme on Facebook, I’d reply with a GIF of the Prince John lion from Disney’s animated Robin Hood throwing a tantrum.

I think I like you. A lot!

They don’t think they’re the ones being lied to - they think they’re in on the lie.

No doubt you are correct about how they see it, but given that many believe he can’t have lost the election because he said he was doing well in the polls, and that the election was rigged because lost, he’s telling them he’s lying about the very things they believe him about.

And that’s the final proof that he was telling the truth! < head explodes>

i.e. how conmen usually work. Though usually it’s so you won’t snitch on them.