The one movie guaranteed to make the men cry

I’ve heard rumours that no red-blooded American male can sit through Brian’s Song without getting something in his eye. I’ve never seen the movie, but Ivylad, a redblooded American male, did confirm that yes, he did get something in his eye that day.

I also saw him get something in his eye during Saving Private Ryan.

So, redblooded American (and non American, I’m not picky) men, what movie can you not watch without getting something in your eye?

Saw Brian’s Song, didn’t do anything to me.

The only movie I get a tear is “It’s a Wonderful Life”

The scene where the whole town comes running in with money to bail out George.

The line “They didn’t even need to know why, they only needed to know George was in trouble”

My husband, bless his tender heart, has been known to shed tears over the deaths of fictional animals such as Old Yeller and Bambi. And when we saw “Titanic” in the theater, he was sobbing like a baby. Afterward he said it was just allergies, of course.

The two movies I’ve heard most often are Brian’s Song and Old Yeller. Is is the dogs or the football, I wonder?

I meant to say “Bambi’s mother” in my post above. Bambi doesn’t die. Except in “Bambi Meets Godzilla.”

In The Family Man Nicholas Cage stands over his daughter’s bed as she sleeps and whispers “I’m going back to the mothership.” I’ve not felt tears actually running down my cheeks but I’ve come damn close; I suppose a lot of other dads have had the same reaction.

The two movies that I have cried over as an adult are **A River Runs Through It ** (the last scene where the old man is fly-fishing and remarks that he is haunted by waters) and **Schinder’s List ** (when the real Schindler survivors are placing the stones on the monument).

I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again. The Giant’s last line in The Iron Giant.



Brian’s Song never flipped my switch. If you can sit through Lonesome Dove without shedding a tear, then you’re tougher than a 30 cent steak.

Field of Dreams can really get the waterworks flowing, although I’m a pretty easy crier at the movies.

Despite being a pretty prolific movie watcher, I have only cried in or over one film: The Brave Little Toaster.

God damn I still hate those ants to this day. It was his picture!

Old Yeller, Brian’s Song, Anya’s speech in “The Body”,…a big old softie is what I am.

On the other hand, I clapped when Bambi’s mother got iced. That there’s some tasty venison! :smiley:

“Brian’s Song” worked for me. But among the many others, I think “Il Postino” was the best. But then, I like the work of Neruda anyway.

Definitely Field of Dreams for me. I went to see it with my dad, and I think we both had a hard time with it, but for different reasons. For him, it was the final scene, where Ray finally has a meaningful catch with his father. For me, it was when Moonlight Graham steps over into the present to help the little girl. The thought of him giving up his dreams to pursue something else worthwhile still touches me deeply.

La Vita è bella

A thousand points!

Only one movie has given me tears as an adult, Forest Gump.

Agreed on The Iron Giant, and another noble sacrifice by a lovable robot reduces me to a big wet one every time: Transformers: The Movie.

I’ve witnessed this phenomenon with Awakenings – when De Niro dances with his lady friend, then parts with her, and watches her walk away.

I’d like to see anyone get through the final scenes of the criminally underrated In America without losing it…

With me…nearly any drama.

That’s why I hate em.