The Onion "news" clips- who knew?

Confirmed CNN junkie here. I’ve found paradise. I can now die a happy man. The Onion has parody video clips and news stories on their web site. This little gem about McCain is just brilliant.

Seems there is a real set. Great homage to the CNN Situation Room set, too. Hope they keep this going after the election. Anyone watching these? Is this an election-year specific bit or has The Onion had this kind of video parody going and I’ve just not found it?


They’ve been doing these for at least a year or two now. Some really funny stuff. Here is The Onion’s profile on Youtube with links to all of the videos they’ve put up. Looks like, at this point, they’ve uploaded 126 videos!

I’ve been watching the ONN(Onion News Network) for about a year now. They’re just as funny as the print edition, and since they’re online they don’t have to worry about any of the censors beyond what Youtube allows(which is a lot). They have a CNN Situation Room parody, as well as “News Hour with Jim Lehrer” style bit, and a “Today Show” or “Good Morning America” style parody called “Today Now”. The Today Now segments tend to be longer and

Here’s some of my favorites(interface2x kindly linked to the Onion Youtube profile), titles from memory.

Panda Demands Abortion
Overweight boy avoids ridicule by wearing shirt at pool
Is the Government Monitoring Paranoid Schizophrenics Closely Enough?


Tivo actually will deliver them directly to your TV. When they do a new one it just shows up in my recorded shows.

Look for the one about Bush touring the US to witness the devastation caused by his Presidency.

My absolute favorite is Concentric Circles Emanating From Glowing Red Dot.

Oh that is good stuff.

Be sure to pay attention to the news crawls along the bottom.

As to my favorite, there was one about illegal immigrant CEOs taking the jobs of American CEOs (“They’re willing to work for only $400,000/ yr”) that was pretty good.

But really, pick one and it likely will be good.

Thanks for the link. I’ve been listening to the Onion Radio News podcasts for a while now and really enjoy them, so I look forward to seeing the video version.

My favorite:
In The Know: Are We Giving The Robots That Run Our Society Too Much Power?

Personally I like;
Poll Reveals 430 New Demographics That Will Decide Election:

Who will win the crucial facebook masturbators demographic?

I knew about the video clips before I found out they made an Onion movie. It was kind of uneven but parts were hilarious.

I like how they don’t try to make every one of the videos socially or politically relevant (though I like those too). Some are just funny for the sake of being funny. I liked the Ninja Parade and the one with the NASCAR coach. “Turn Left!” “I’m turning Left”

Sorry in a place with no streaming video, can’t link.

You can get them automatically delivered as video podcasts through iTunes.

As someone who follows Young Hollywood for some reason, I’m particularly fond of Disney Geneticists Debut New Child Stars.

This isn’t a new joke, but the execution is flawless:

Boy Scouts offer to give Breast Exams done in Morning Show style.

I guess they never put the one up about the proposed anti-skullfucking bill. Guess it couldn’t get past the Youtube censors. That one had me rolling.

It’s up on their own site (NSFW!)