The only awards ceremony that counts!

It’s official. Battlefield Earth has won seven, count 'em, seven RAZZIES!!!

Quoth the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation:

Ahhh, sweet redemption!

That was one that I didn’t see, but seemed unremarkable.
Some of the criticism it got was of the variety “How can a master race of aliens have dirty equipment?”

I assure you, tshirts, it’s worth seeing just for the hilarity value. There are few things more entertaining than John Travolta as a nine foot tall rasta man with yellow teeth.

Bump for posterity.

But the thing is, it wasn’t. I went with some friends to it. We were expecting some B-movie hilarity value. But there was none! I mean, this is going to go down in record books as a worse movie than Plan Nine from Outer Space and a bigger waste of money by an established actor than Waterworld. There was absolutely no entertainment value at all once the aliens stepped in. I mean, seeing the cavemen running around in the beginning was kinda funny, but after that it was torture!

Somehow my family received a limited edition print by a Scientologist “artist” of a scene from the book by Hubbard. I thought it was funny to have an authentic piece of Scientology propaganda, my dad didn’t. When I asked to have it to put it up in my dorm room, it wasn’t too pretty. “I’ve had enough Scientology for one lifetime!” he cried. “Don’t you see, this is how they get to people. They want young people to be exposed to this stuff!” I mean, so what if his first wife got into that and the quarter-million dollar divorce settlement went entirely to the Church of Scientology. Does he have to take it personally?