Google searching turned up nothing. SD searching turned up nothing either. So I turn to you; what is the visual puzzle of “OOOOOOO OOOMIXINGOOO”? It came with one that was “EGSG”, which is “Scrambled Eggs”, to give an idea of the kind of riddle that it is. Anyone have an idea?


These are called Wuzzles. Though this one has me temporarily perplexed, knowing the name might help you find the answer.

They are also called Dingbats

man…that’s a tough one. I LOVED these types of puzzles growing up. If you ever find the answer, please post it!

Mixing in the right circles!

Oooo! I bet that’s it! Well done.

Damn you. Obvious now, innit?

Man, was I off base! I’d been trying to convince myself that since things that are completely mixed and tangled are often referred to as ‘spaghetti’, that it might be “Oooooo Ooo Spaghetti Os” (but I just wasn’t buying it)

Some cowokers had a list of these a few years ago, and I impressed the hell out of them by “solving” the harder ones. I had simply used Google, which they had not heard of yet.

In most if not all cases, the answer was in the Google summary, and I didn’t even have to go to the page!

Obviously, Google was no help in this case. But once this thread get indexed, this one will also be searchable.

Also known as a Rebus.

Couldn’t that be considered a kind of plexer? I remember I did a lot of those kinds of things in 3rd grade, and I remember my teacher calling them plexers… But possibly you’re talking primarily about words and verbal puzzles, which I guess might be considered a different category.