the orange and yellow ones

The topic sometimes comes up in casual conversation, and although it is not unheard of for people to like the orange ones and the yellow ones, it’s a long ways from universal, and in contrast, pretty much everybody seems to like the red ones, the green ones, and if there are blue ones, the blue ones. (I’m sure exceptions will turn up). People either love or hate the black ones, but opinions run strong there, and most people seem to like the white ones.

Since it seems that liking the orange and yellow ones is uncommon, it seems like there would be a big market niche waiting to be filled by any company that would sell bags without the orange and yellow ones.

But I’ve never seen such things for sale (with the exception of single-color bags; i.e, all black ones, but I don’t think that counts). Why not? I always end up discarding perhaps 1/3 of the bag that was orange/yellow ones. But the “space filler” theory doesn’t hold up, as there shouldn’t be much (if any) difference in production costs. So what gives?

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Seriously, what “ones”? Jelly beans?

In my experience, a condom is a condom. The color doesn’t really matter.

You ARE talking about condoms, right?

Well, I hoped it was gonna be clear from context :-).

But: any cheap candy that comes in the flavors of red/green/yellow/orange/white/black/etc. Like those chewy gum-drop things, or cheap jelly beans (doesn’t apply to the better ones like Jelly Bellies), etc.

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Never heard them called THAT before.

There’s a good joke in there somewhere about “coming in flavors”, but I ain’t gonna go near it. No sir.

peas on earth

I like the orange and yellow ones. And the red and black and white ones.

But not the pink or purple ones, and definitely not the blue ones.

I think it likely it’d be an even spread, really. Some people, heaven forbid, don’t like the black ones! Yipe!

“So what you are telling me, Percy, is that something you have never seen is slightly less blue than something else that you have never seen.”

I think the OP refers to MPSIMS topics. :wink:

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