The Origin of Stink Fish Pot

I know some of you know I took my user name from a MASH episode I saw a long time ago. It was so stupid, it actually stuck in my head for 3 decades or so.

More than a few have asked me where my name came from, a few have probably wondered in silence. And most have ignored both my posts, my user name, and where it came from.

But for those that care, through the miracle of YouTube, I bring you The origin of stink fish pot. Go to the 1:04 mark if you can’t waste the minute to get there.

I still have no idea what it means.

Thank you for this clarification. I always thought MASH would be nothing without Frank Burns.

Sounds like it was meant to sound mistranslated through Korean. Like maybe a line got cut out of the script, but Stink Fish Pot cracked up the writers’ table and stayed in anyway.

I thought it might have been a reference to the Korean dish kimchi (or a kimchi pot), since we have ***stink ***and pot. However vegetables, not fish, are the main ingredients for kimchi (and spices, of course).