The original animated Aladdin: "I thought you were dead!"

Upon first meeting the disguised Princess Jasmine in Agrabah’s marketplace, Aladdin falls in love with her and goes on a small adventure. Aladdin’s imprisoned by the guards by order of Jafar, and when Jasmine orders Jafar to set him free, she’s told that he’s already been executed for kidnapping the princess.

Jafar’s actual plan, of course, is to use Aladdin to retrieve the lamp for him from the Cave of Wonders. Aladdin (with no little help from Abu) manages to keep the lamp for himself and summon the Genie to make him a prince. He disguises himself as Prince Ali, even to Jasmine, who’d previously met him.

When she finds out who he really is, she’s pissed off at him for lying to her. Aladdin compounds the lie by saying that he really is a prince.

Why did Jasmine never say, “I thought you were dead”? As far as she knew, he’d been executed!

What lie did he compound? Maybe he wasn’t a prince before, but he is one now. He wished for that, and the genie granted it.

i always assumed she couldn’t tell the difference between street rat Aladdin and dressed up as a prince Aladdin and didn’t realize who he was until Jafar undid his wishes

in fact in the Disney Afternoon series, it was played for laughs because other people did the same thing … iago commented several times "you know all you have to do to disguise your self is put on decent clothes and maybe get a haircut … "

  1. She’s happy he’s not dead.
  2. Jaffar has lied before.