The origins of Sorcery..Where did it come from?

I can remember reading once that Sorcery was once considered a very powerful weapon on the ancient battlefields of Far east Asia, but where did it all begin? The Chinese were said to be the very first people to use rockets in warfare. They would take wood and carve out large, likelike statues of what their enemies believed to be a wargod, place it on a platform with wheels in all corners, then would mount rockets and all other sorts of fireworks all around it. When they went into battle against the Mongolians, they would light these rockets and then start charging toward the enemy while pushing this status across the battlefield yelling at the top of their lungs. When the Mongol soldiers saw this thing roaring at them with all these sparks, fire and flames coming out of it, they all believed “or were tricked into believing” that this was an actual God of War or “Thundergod” as they called it, and were frightened into a retreat. Many people in the days of ancient Asia were very fearful of the supernatural, and believed that there no weapon mankind could produce that could defeat magic or sorcery, and often more times than not feared it with great carefulness. My question is, where did the origins of Sorcery and Magic come from? Even the eurpeans have a great history of believing in Wizards, Sorcerers and spells. Where did it all come from and who were the first to start it…Anyone know?

It grew out of Shamanism, & the primitive inability to understand the Universe in a scientific way. It was an early attempt to control & understand the world, limited by its unsystematic methodology.

The average Sorcerer probably was a lot smarter than his fellows.

Well, it came from the need to have spells that were too powerful to cast at any time. Making them Sorceries reduces a lot of their power, since you can’t play them at the end of an opponent’s turn or during combat.

Seriously, though, might this be a GQ topic?