The Orville season 2 trailer.

Not coming back until December, but looks to be deep into production.

I enjoyed the first season. Looking forward to Season two!

The heck with ST:Discovery. This is Star Trek!

When I saw the Tesla Roadster with Starman in it, floating in space, I thought that it would be really cool if the Orville spotted it.

Sigh. “After football” == “Fuck the entire East Coast, because you’ll never see it.”

I look forward to torrenting season 2.

I think we’ve found the one person on the planet that doesn’t DVR shows instead of staying up to watch them. These days it really doesn’t matter when a show comes on - 75% of the viewing public will record it to watch when convenient.


We’ll be watching here at the Bitchin’ household.:smiley:

We definitely liked the first season.:slight_smile:

My DVR doesn’t know about it when FOX starts the show 40 minutes late because after three decades of showing football they still haven’t figured out how long a football game takes.

That is true.

You can kluge around it, but that’s a pain, too.

I have the same issue. So I missed some Orville Eps.

The Fox Now app has the full first season of The Orville. I assume that they’ll do the same for the second. Also, I assume that Xfinity will have it available on demand.

I don’t have a working DVR available but I never miss an episode of anything I want to see. The only exceptions being programs that are exclusive to a paid service I don’t have. Nearly everything is available via some form of streaming.

“Yes Sir, dumbing it down.”

Another case of a show being derailed by a boring game that is played in four fifteen minute quarters that takes at least three hours to play.

Ugh, this comment again. After football, in this case, means that the show is starting December 30th. Absolute worst-case scenario, it’ll only be an issue for the series premier if the NFC West games run long. Then there’s only two weeks of playoffs where it could be an issue, so worst case scenario you’re looking at three episodes total.

Watch it On Demand? We don’t have a DVR and it’s how I watch the shows I miss.

I’m a fan of the show and the NFL. I’m pretty confident, however, that many more people are interested in the “Boring Game,” than are interested in The Orville.

(I’m on the West coast, so I don’t have the same inconvenience as other parts of the country)

Football games running long kept me from seeing complete episodes of Star Trek in syndication through most of my childhood. Grrr.

And although the first season of The Orville was certainly uneven, it was good enough to keep me watching, and I’m looking forward to the second season.

Fair point. I’m still salty about missing so many episodes of Futurama before the days of DVRs and streaming. Thank gawd for Netflix. :slight_smile:

There have been very few cases of Fox’s nationwide NFL coverage running past 8:00 Eastern in the past few years, even after the NFL moved the start times of the “late” games to 4:25.

Did anyone say that the show would always air on Sundays? I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s where it ends up once football season ends (with Bob’s Burgers moving back to 7:30, The Simpsons at 8, Family Guy at 8:30, and The Orville at 9), but remember, the first two episodes of Season 1 aired immediately after NFL games before the show moved to Thursdays for the rest of the season.

And how many episodes are planned? There are only 21 Sundays from 12/30 through 5/19, and three of those will not have new episodes (1/27, when Fox airs its live version of Rent; 2/3, as Fox will not air anything new against the Super Bowl; and 2/24, as Fox will also not air anything new against the Oscars). If there are only 13 episodes, I wouldn’t be surprised if Fox airs one on 12/30, then airs the next one in February.