The other gifts of the Season

Inspired by this thread

What did you give for Christmas?

I’ll start:

Bottle of Poitin
32-oz red Solo cup
Star Trek bathrobe
Li’l Bub calendar
White chocolate Irish Cream
Seashell towels with seahorse toothbrush holder

Diamond bracelet
Popcorn tins
Money, gift cards, etc
Moracoan oil shampoo
Harry and David gift baskets

Not a damn thing. But I paid for a lot of food.

Oh, wait. I gave the dogs a ride in the Jeep. :wink: But to us, that was just ‘Tuesday’.

The best present I gave was a box of welded together horse shoes. My son wanted them to build shelves in his man (ish) cave. He didn’t ask for them, but he WANTED them. I swear.
Of course I spent way too much on clothes for the lil’wrekker. And got ragged about it. The grandkids got a toy and a savings bond. They don’t need anything. At. All.

You are just SO bad;)

There’s an independent movie theater here that does surprising well when most other independent theaters seem to fail. Everyone who works there is a volunteer. I like their spunk and try to support them when I can. This year and last year, everyone on my list got gift certificates from there.

A fun thing they do is provide popcorn bags for the certs rather than envelopes. Cute! I got everyone a nice Christmas ornament this year, too.

Told the fam no prezzies for the kids, they are beyond overly gifted and not in the smart way. Took those monies and bought toys for the refugee kids ICE is dropping off at churches here.
Got gag signs made on ETSY for the sibs, like street signs with a word my late dad made up followed by BLVD. Pretty cool, $35.
A hula dancer dash ornament for my nephews new car, he’ll never use it, but since I sent his sister a present I had to…you know the drill.

Winter hats
Silk scarves
Wood phone amplifier
Fleetwood Mac tickets
Interactive, animated Chewbacca doll

A romance novel, coloring book and colored pencils for my grandma.
A mini-cupcake scoop and cake decorating kit for Mom.
Bath bombs for the girl child (that actually haven’t arrived yet. I regifted her some tea I got at work so she’d have a package to unwrap. I suck.)
A memory-foam pillow and some cash for the boy-child. Same for the step-boy-child.
Knives and cutting boards for the married, living far away stepchildren.
Picture books and a bath toy for my grandson. Hope he still likes that kind of stuff by the time I get to see him again.
Legos for boy stepgrandchildren. Mermaid tail blankets for girl stepgrandchildren. Teething toy for the new one.

My kids were both due for new phones. Talk about sticker shock!

College accessories for one niece, books for the other niece and nephew. Also a book for my brother-in-law, and a book of monsters for another friend who often DMs our D&D games. Mom got photo albums, because I noticed that she was running low on binders for her travel pictures. My uncle got a scroll saw, and my sister got a Silhouette paper cutting machine.

Variously I’m giving - they’re mostly away and we’re gathering at New Year - a novelty decanter, interesting mugs, hats, external batteries for mobile phones, and chocolate.