The Oz theme song- help me find it

Ok, just finished watching the season premiere of OZ season 6- it was good! It also reminded me of something I wanted to do but forgot about after the season ended.

I need to know the theme song for Oz. There is an Oz soundtrack, and on it is “Oz Theme 2000”. It is basically a rap song with the real theme song that they play on the show sampled under it. What is the name of the original song (the one that is really played as the theme song), and who plays it?


You are thinking of * Somewhere Over The Rainbow.* In the orange field to the left side of the screen click on {Lyrics."

Oops…sorry for the confusion. I meant Oz as in the TV show on HBO. About life in prison, shanking people and selling drugs and whatnot.

It’s probably my oops.

Don’t be ludicrous. He’s thinking of Khe Sanh.

And anyone who calls it a country song deserves to be set on fire outside the Coogee Bay Hotel.