The Pain Dance

Do you ever do a funny ‘dance’ when you are suddenly hit with extreme pain? I do sometimes, under some circumstances-

-If I’m trying to pop a zit, but its one of those stubborn ones that just isn’t going to pop, I’ll get this twinge of pain from pinching my face so hard. Kind of makes me grimace so hard I can see my molars in the mirror, and I kind of jerk my head sharply.

-Drinking something that is too cold/too hot makes me do a pain dance. I guess its my body’s instinctual ‘try to evade source of pain’ which is kind of moot when its tumbling down my gullet :confused:

-stubbing my toe/smashing my finger will make me do a funny dance. Well, not funny for me, but to anyone who sees me spastically jerking around.

NO! I freeze & try to psyche the pain away.

I don’t do a dance either. When that first stab of pain hits, I freeze and assess the cause of the pain. Then I try to make it stop hurting-- usually by applying pressure and breathing funny (kinda like pregnant women doing Lamaze). Sometimes I try walking around. Oh, and if its bad enough I may try crying and/or whining. (Mostly I’m thinking of my response to bad menstral pain here as that’s the most extreme pain I’ve experienced.)

I do a pain dance to certain kinds of pain. Once I was cleaning out my car with my dad’s help and suddenly started dancing around and yelling “S__, s___ I just found a razor blade the hard way.”

But menstrual pain makes (well, made, haven’t had it that bad since being a teen) me curl up in a ball and pray for mercy.

Childbirth pain… I wanted to move around but the nurses wouldn’t let me. Doubt I could have danced though.

Ya gotta read Patrick McManus. His description of hitting his thumb with a hammer (“whack whack whack thub!”) followed by the Modified Crouch Hop (pain dance) had me laughing fit to bust.