The Paperwork Proliferation Act

At work I recetly had to fill out a government-provided form.

There were 4 pages to the package. The first two were instructions, and the last page was the form itself.

The third page had one small paragraph only on it, and what it did was announce that the form had been designed to comply with the Paperwork Reduction Act.

Clearly you have never filled out an application to work in a VA hospital. The one I saw in 1994 was 25 pages in length. I shudder to think how big it is now.

I don’t object to the size of the actual material; but I think it’s dumb that they increased the page count 33% to tell us how they are reducing paperwork. Huh?

Back when I worked for the VA in the 90s I remember them kicking off their brilliant paper savings plan by printing up flyers and posting them all over the hospital.

Some things never change.