The passing of a true legend...

Julia Child just passed away this morning.

I am totally bummed. :frowning:

Fixed your link - CF

And I was just talking to Ruffian about possibly making a chocolate/mocha mousse thingy today.

I shall make it and we will enjoy it in her honor.

Aww man, I really liked her. Such an original.

I have a 4’x5’ oil in my study titled Julia Child’s Garbage Can. It’s a NY scene that copies Brugel’s Hunter In The Snow but interjects all sorts of social consciousness. She’s up there in a penthouse window cookin’ away. I see it every day, think of her every day and will now miss her every day.

I remember a show where she talked about Chicken Marsala being invented, on-the-spot, by Napoleon’s chef between battles. She whipped out an antique French sword to cut up the bird. Man, she had some, ah…she had ovaries!