The Peanuts Dance

You know…running in place, with both arms firmly affixed to the sides of your torso, while rapidly bobbing your head up and down and from side to side.

Has anyone tried this? Is it possible to do this dance without serious risk of neck injury?

I used to do it as a gag when i was younger. I am currently not dead or neck injured.

In one of my younger incarnations, I worked as a bartender.

The “Peanuts Dance” can be done behind a bar by even a large clumsy person without knocking over the merchandise or glassware.

It is also a way to get more tips. I have no shame.

It is possible. My friend does this all the time. I can’t, but I can’t really dance to begin with.

The Riverdance people do this all the time.

If your arms become unaffixed from your torso, get yourself to the emergency room pronto!

Snoopy Dance! It’s the Snoopy Dance–not the “Peanuts Dance.” That’s just wrong. It’s the Snoopy Dance.

And you have to sing the song (ala “dah dee dah, dah dee dah, dum dummmm” while doing it, or else you look like you’re having some kind of religous experience and/or seizure.

But, then again, I think I’m thinking of the piano song “Linus and Lucy”, but that’s the song I always sing when doing the Peanuts Dance. I love that song…it’s so neato.

No. The Snoopy Dance is completely different from the one they’re talking about. The Peanuts Dance is the one some of the cast of the Christmas Pageant do when the rehersal gets completely out of control (although not all of them, so the name is probably a misnomer). The Snoopy Dance involves waving the front paws overhead and flapping the enormous feet, something hard for humans (or real beagles) to imitate without clown shoes. :smiley:

What about before?