The Pearl Jam live show CDs, which is the best?

If you were gonna get one of the Pearl Jam CDs that was the live shows, they have CDs for about 20 different shows spanning what seems like 2 tours.

Which show is considered the best, that might be worth having? (If any of them are.) I didn’t see them on tour, so I have no sentimental attraction to any particular show, but I would like to hear what they sound like live if any of those are decent recordings. I mostly enjoy Pearl Jam from Yield and earlier, so if they had different set lists each show that would be the type of setlist I’d enjoy hearing.

They have CDs for a lot more than 20 shows. An overwhelming number, in fact…as much as I love Pearl Jam I haven’t bought any of the “official bootlegs” yet, because I can’t afford to buy more than a couple and I don’t know how on earth I’ll choose. CDs from their current tour are only available online (see, but a few will be selected for release in stores. I’m thinking maybe I’ll get one of those, since they’re probably the few that the band members and their fanclub organization feel are the best.