The Penatagon Papers vs Wikileaks

Rather than bumping this 7 yo thread (or others like it) I thought I’d start a new one.

because of the upcoming movie The Post which will retell the story of the pentagon papers, the comparisons fo the PP and wikileaks are on my mind.

I have Long held the belief that the PP and wikileaks (and for that matter Snowden and the rest) are all of the same ilk and that they are a good thing.

Many of the posters back in 2010, were making the point that Elsberg and Assange were not the same because the PP actually exposed govt malfeasance whereas wikileaks was just a document dump - no heroics involved. Well seven years later (and more document dumps) do we still think that?

This article from the end of 2010 lists some things from that original dump that did indeed turn out to be of significance ie:

as just a couple of examples. . .

So I would really like to take Elsberg and Assange out of the debate and ask:

Are the Wikileaks (et al) releases the heirs of The Pentagon Papers?
are they equally heroic? (assuming the PP release was heroic)
Is the public’s right to know what their govt is up to enough justification for leaking classified (or even non classified) materials?

I’ll start and say that I believe these are all good things; that our (any) govt can too easily slip into abuse or even just convince themselves that anything they do is for "the good of the governed, without the constant specter of being exposed to the light of day hanging over their heads.