The Pentagon's parking lot SUCKS!

I’m stuck out in the N-C section of the lot - way out in the boonies.

Why in Hell’s name can’t South Rotary Road be made two-way after 6PM and all day weekends?

Also, why is the Eads Street entrance closed to pedestrian traffic? Is it really so hard to put in a sidewalk and crossing lanes? The Fern Street entrance is smaller, and it has a pedestrian right-of-way (now watch as the assholes running the show close the Fern Street sidewalks).

Finally, when is construction in the area gonna end? They’ve had construction going on here since I started working here back in 2012 - WTF gives?

You’d probably get a closer parking spot if you joined the Stonecutters.

They have to keep starting over when people accidentally build right angles.

The current round of construction that has the pork chop torn up, the entrance to 395 under the overpass shifted to the left, and the slug lanes moves to the kiss and drop in the afternoon is slated until 2020, though PFPA believes it will take longer than that.

Have you considered getting a stipend and parking at the mall instead?

And no WMATA at that hour even if you wanted to not drive.

Thanks, Obama!

Park at Pentagon City and take the metro.

Park at PC and freaking walk. If he’s in the hinterlands of the lot anyway, taking the tunnel from the mall isn’t going to be a major increase in distance. Takes 5-7 minutes from the K&D to the second floor of the PC parking garage, depending on how long you have to wait on the light at Army-Navy.

Another self-inflicted traffic snafu – WMATA uses the Pentagon as a hub for buses from as far away as Springfield (bypassing the Franconia-Springfield station, which is maybe a half-mile away from the intersection where the buses instead add themselves in the daily I-395 traffic jam).

“I’m stuck”, present tense. WMATA does you no good before 5a.
Unless the poster meant “I was stuck” at some other time.

I have to chuckle. I was a brand-new baby ensign in the Pentagon in 1980, and there was always much bitching about parking. Some things never change.

Unless you work at the building, you’re not parking in the lot. There is no public-access parking on the Reservation, thus there’s no way for him to be singularly stuck unless he’s there for a very specific meeting (which wouldn’t be taking place before 0500). Parking areas are assigned; I assumed “stuck” meant “my assigned parking is in this particular way far out section” and not “I am here right at this moment.”

I’ve lived here my entire life. Construction never ends.

At least in Michigan it tends to stop in the winter. But of course that means if they haven’t completed something in time, it just sits uncompleted for 3-5 months until the ground thaws and they can work again.