The PGA Championship. Hoo boy!

As of right now, one round’s in the books. Let’s see what we have here.

  1. Tiger Woods, in a tie for 103rd, is in serious danger of missing the cut. Repeat, Tiger Woods is in one-flippin-hundred-third place and could miss the cut in a major for the first time ever..

I’m astonished that this hasn’t gotten more press (I couldn’t find anything on it on For years, Woods’ greatness has been defined by two things, his performance in big tournaments and his incredible consistency. Even when his game was off, he lost his focus, or he couldn’t get used to the conditions, he still was good for 10th, 15, 20th, and he never missed the cut.

Man, I almost don’t want to leave the house tomorrow. This alone is making this major must-see TV.

  1. Y’know, maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention, but I don’t remember there being anywhere near this much pointless squabbling over course conditions last year, or any previous year, let alone the sheer quantity I’ve heard over the past two months alone.

My stance can be summed up in two words: that’s golf. Greens so impossibly hard that a putt that’s even a tiny bit off ends up in the bunker? That’s golf. Completely straightforward course with massive fairways where -20 barely cracks the top ten? That’s golf. Courses that’s easy on day one due to favorable conditions, but gets tougher on two and three, and a nightmare on four? That’s golf. Check that, that’s perfect. Every course is different. Some are easy, some are hard, and some are easy one day and hard the next. Everyone plays the same course, and everyone deals with the same headaches and benefits from the same gifts. If you’re a pro, you understand this and deal. If you’re a fan, you just watch and see what happens.

What is the debate, people?

  1. Could this be the end of the line for Greg Norman?

He’s 49 years old. His experiences at the majors have ranged from disappointment to crushing heartbreak. He’s been not only surpassed on the all-time money list, but left completely in the dust. His physical condition right now is, at best, questionable.

Tough it out a few more years? Go to the Champion’s Tour with his head high? Or take his money and walk away…while he still can?

I was probably one of his biggest admirers when things were really clicking for him and he was thiiis close to getting his first major…I’ll be watching this story with great interest, no question.