The Pit and the Pedestal

I appreciate the existence of the SDMB’s BBQ Pit, but I seldom go there, since I get too much anger and bombast elsewhere in my life (you should meet my mother). I have sometimes wished that there were an anti-Pit, a place where we could praise good deeds rather than condemning bad ones. One could call an anti-Pit an “Aniston,” I suppose (but one prefers not to). I’m calling my anti-Pit “The Pedestal.”

I pedestal a certain bank teller, whose small act of thoughtfulness has brightened my life:

My husband operates a struggling one-man business. He receives a lot of small checks from customers, and since we are living hand-to-mouth, we generally take the checks to the bank immediately. There is a drive-through bank facility nearby, and since our three dogs love to take a ride in the car, they often come along on the bank run.

The typical drive-through banking experience is dull and businesslike. The customer places checks and deposit slips in a plastic canister, the canister is whooshed away by a pneumatic transport system, the bank teller performs the necessary actions, and the receipt comes whooshing back in the canister.

One teller has made our drive-through banking experience quite a bit more enjoyable. If she sees dogs in our car, she alters her routine a bit. When the canister whooshes back, it contains not only the receipt, but three crunchy dog biscuits.

I would dearly love to see other folks pedestaled. Got any?

You know, I had the same thought. My idea was to call it the Peach Pit. Anyway, I nominate… the Upton Tea Company! Just a small mail-order place, but I’ve never seen e-commerce done better. Place a tea order, and it’s on your doorstep in a day or two. And their tea is as good as you’ll find anywhere.

Linky to the tea company?

I’ll pedestal three things.

First, my boss. I’m a baker in a cafe, and this guy is great. He doesn’t hang over my shoulder, he doesn’t yell at any of us employees, he lets me try new items. He’s just cool to work for.

Second, my hairdresser. I’ve been going to her for over 25 years now. She always gets me in quickly when I call for an appointment, always does a good job, and is just a nice person to talk with.

Third, and lastly, I’ll pedestal the vet I take my cats to. He and his staff are warm, caring people. After I had a cat put down I got a sympathy card from them all. He does charity work to on strays. And he keeps you fully informed on what he’s doing to an animal, and doesn’t mind lots of questions.

I agree with the need you identify. In the past, when i’ve given a compliment or supportive statement, I’ve gotten snarky comments like
“well, this has become a real love fest!” or
“Hey, get a room”. And this for simply saying you think well of someone or something.
A Pedestal might prove interesting.

I too would like to see such a place, but I have doubts as to whether or not there is enough of a niche to warrant a whole new forum. Rather, I think that “pedestaling” some person(s) should become common practice in happy threads all across the SDMB. For example, I pedestal you, pinkfreud for reminding us that it’s just as healthy to express positive emotions as it is to complain about something. :slight_smile:

Actually there are several websites dedicated to just what your talking about

Being that is Straightdope… Fighting Ignorance and all

And I would like to remind you all that we all have the right to be pissed off at the world and complain about it in The Pit which is pretty healthy(minus a few meltdowns). I think there is a better place somewhere between The Pit and Pedestal just slightly to the left of MPSIMS.

As I said in my original post, I appreciate the existence of The Pit. I just don’t go there.