The politest drivers in the world

I’ve met the politest auto drivers in the world, and they live in the Little Rock, Arkansas area. I flew there this past Thursday for business, then drove just north to Conway. If it’s my first time to an area, there’s usually a little anxiety about finding my way around. However, this time was a pleasure for two reasons: Little Rock isn’t exactly a teeming metropolis, and 2) The drivers I shared the road with for two days were the most considerate I’ve ever seen.

Most of my driving was on I-30 and I-40. Granted, I could always write off one or two instances of random kindness to the occasional nice person, but my experience was above and beyond that.
[li]Not once did anyone tailgate me, even in town, nor did I see evidence of it with anyone else.[/li][li]Every time I put on my blinker to change lanes, the car next to me slowed down to allow me over.[/li][li]I realized at the last minute at an intersection that I needed to make a right turn, and I was in the wrong lane. When I put on my blinker (prepared for the honks of outrage), the cars in the right lane stopped to allow me to merge.[/li][li]Whenever I merged onto the interstate, the cars in the merge lane moved over to allow me room.[/li][/ul]

Maybe I’ve been living in the wrong places, and this is how the rest of the country drives. All I know is that driving in a strange place was a pleasure for a change.

New Hampshire drivers are (or were) the same way. I being astonished that people used the “passing” lane on the Interstate to actually pass people, then went back into the right lane. In Mass we just use it as the fast lane, although there’s always some asshole driving slow in the fast lane. And by slow, I mean slower than I want to drive.