The Poltergiest Machine

I wanted to ask you all this before I bothered Unca Cece. I just got done reading about this guy John Hutchinson and his Poltergeist machine. For those of you that dont know, here is what he claims: with a variety of Tesla coils, Van der Graff generators and other electromagnetic stuff, he can duplicate every reported phenomena of supposed poltergeists. Things levitate (even non ferrous things), appliances turn on and off, metal bends, glass breaks, weird sounds abound, ect ect… If this is fake, then so be it, the phenomemon is still not explainable, but if it isnt fake, WOW! I means, this would mean that a lot of new and exciting stuff that we could do with this information. Is this guy just a crackpot or what?

I forgot to add this to my original post