The Poopin' Kitty Strikes Again.

“The Poopin’ Kitty”, is the nickname we gave to a neighborhood cat. One time the guy across the street chased the cat out of his yard, because it was pooping in some fresh mulch he had put around his tree.
Now the cat has made it her Life’s Mission to poop in the guy’s yard.
First, she’ll slink through the hedges between her people’s yard and The Guy’s yard. She’ll sit next to the hedges until she’s sure the caost is clear. Then she heads for the tree, which is all the way across the yard. She doesn’t run, but struts proudly with her tail high, with a few quick glances at the front door. Once she reaches the tree, she searches for a prime poopin’ spot. But it’s ALWAYS on the side of the tree that faces the front door. She digs her little hole, then stares at the front door. Then squats and does her thing without loosing eye contact with the door. After she covers the poop, she takes one last look at the door, then darts back across the yard and into the hedges.

Why not right On the porch?

I don’t know, she’s pretty intent on that tree. It has like a foot deep pile of mulch at the base.

This thread lends new meaning to Look at that kitty go. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe with all that mulch, she thinks it’s her very own deluxe litter box complete with scratching post (tree)?

No. Something tells me it’s personal. :stuck_out_tongue:

We had a neighbors cat intent on using our flowerbeds for a litter box. A couple of weeks of putting red pepper flakes in the flowerbeds took care of it. (Since cats have a tendancy to sniff at the place they deem worthy of a potty break, the cat would get a nose full of red pepper. Breaks them of the habit of damaging your garden)