The Poor Man's ____.

Let’s have a game of unflattering comparisons with one celebrity to another; be fair and stick your Wiki in there if you feel the spirit. I’ll start.

Joe Don Baker is the poor man’s Clint Eastwood (sturdy lawman being lawless as he sees fit).

Who would be the poor man’s Tom Selleck? Or is Tom Selleck the lesser version of someone else? Oooh, fight fight.

Christian Slater is the poor man’s Jack Nicholson.

I would even go so far as to say Jack Nicholson’s the poor man’s Humphrey Bogart.

Tom Selleck, anyone?

Tom Selleck was the poor man’s Burt Reynolds, back when either of them was relevant.

Who is the poor man’s John Cleese?

I’d say Russell Brand, though that’s giving a fair amount of credit to Russell Brand.

Picturing Selleck as Bandit is giggle-inducing!

Who’s the poor man’s Tom Selleck?

We already have this thread going in Cafe Society:

Le sigh. Guess I saw it but it didn’t stick in the front of my melon. Thanks for the heads up!