The poor quality dvd of The Greatest Story Ever Told

Anyone know why the picture and sound quality of the DVD of The Greatest Story Ever Told is so bad? My copy looks worse than a bootleg film and I bought the dvd at a Target store a few years ago.

The picture is very grainy and it is hard to read the titles. It is letterboxed but the pictures doesn’t come close to filling the tv. The sound is lousy and the dialog is muffled. There are no English subtitles. Is this because MGM put the entire 3 hour 30 minute movie onto one dvd? The DVD has no extras at all, in fact the package consists of just the dvd with no notes at all.

Are there plans to restore this film and rerelease a dvd and hopefully a blu ray? Other Biblical epics such as The Ten Commandments and Ben Hur have outstanding dvd releases with an outstanding picture, notes, and extras.

Can you wait a fortnight?

That’s great news! Strange that Amazon doesn’t have it available yet for preorder.