The pope is incorrput.

According to an article in my local newspaper (my mom reads it; I get my news on-line) there has been another case of incorruptability. According to the article, the Vatican recently decided to move the body of Pope John XXIII from the crypts below the Basillica into the Basillica itself. This is the modern J23, BTW, not the ancient anti-pope. Anyways, they went to check on the condition of his remains and, despite the fact that he’s been dead for 38 years and was not embalmed, J23’s corpse shows no signs of decay. Make of it what you will.

It happens from time to time. In France there’s the body of a little girl in a glass topped coffin in their catacombs that looks as if she was placed there yesterday. It depends on how well the body was prepared and the availability of bacteria.

I think it’s in France. Wherever it is, it’s in a place where people go to visit the decaying remains of their loved ones and workers have them all laid out for them. Most are pretty gross. Among the Catholics, this seems to be considered something like a Holy sign if it happens to Nuns, Priests, Saints or Popes, but it happens to others.

Sounds like J23 is in as good a shape as the current Pope.

Yeah this was discussed a bit ago in GQ here. Pretty cool stuff.