The Power Of Nightmares, BBC2

Has anyone been watching this gobsmacking series?

I only caught the last one on Wed 3rd Nov, but have videod the 1st 2 to watch this w/e .

The thing here is, i have had my doubts on the reallity of the War on Terror. They began to creap in around 18months ago, but just put it down to me being unhealthily cynical. However, this program is being aired at 9pm on BBC2 - not a slot for off the wall political documentaries and Tin Foil behaviour - a slot for serious programs, made by the Beeb in a professional manner.

I was open mouthed for most of the hour. Everything kinda slotted into place - the WOT has been fabricated from nothing.

I know i should watch the other 2 episodes before starting this thread.
Even though it puts flesh on the bones of my suspicion, i just cant believe its really true. If it is, we should all be very, very worried.

What did anyone think of this program? Anyone think its bs? Help me see sense !

Sin ( off to watch the video )

It was on at work so I didn’t get much chance to pay attention to it. But generally I have a similar view of the tactics of fear for political power.

I think it’s a cynicism that is healthy. (You are a self-proclaimed Brit afterall)
Right now I feel like I want to get off the world. Get away from this madness.

Anyone want to join me?

I didn’t know anything about this program till I saw it advertisd last night. I didn’t get to watch it - it clashed with some property programme the missus likes - but I did tape it and will watch it later tonight.

That’s my problem with the prog - everything slots together too damn neatly, reminding me of being buttonholed by some tin-foiler “Don’t you see? It all makes sense!”

Having said that, it’s a fine piece of compelling television - Michael Moore it ain’t!
(it’s a shame it’s not got the same international reach as MM’s films, I’d love to have the ideas in the series discussed in the same depth in GD by those more knowledgeable on the subjects than myself)

Anyway, it’s a “must see” in my opinion - anyone who has a chance to see it should grab it, I don’t agree with all of it but I do guarantee it will make you at least start asking questions about the “war on terror” - and all those politician’s sound bites will sound rather hollow

From The Christian Science Monitor

Where’s phybre when you need him? (A.K.A. We have a new radiation theory and it’s a Dilly

I’d lend the good Dr. Rockwell a little more credence if he ran the experiment on himself instead of relying on data from the presumably neo-con controlled USDoE.

I can just hear the EBS warnings now: Everyone remain calm. Do not panic. Stay where you are. That green glow you see radiating around your infant’s face is completely normal.

I would have liked to see it.

Read the comments here - it provoked really strong reactions either way.