The Power of Prayer

I belong to a couple of listserves dealing with adoption. Recently the topic of financing an adoption came up (it isn’t cheap), and someone responded with something like this:

Now I can’t ridicule this back to the list, these are a bunch of nice Christian woman (and a few Jewish ones), but here is what I would have like to respond:

“I said a prayer and held a garage sale, and God gave me the money! I said a prayer and sold my car, and God gave me the money!”

Sounds like somebody needs to brush up on cause and effect.

“I said a prayer and vacuumed the carpet, now my house is clean! God cleaned my house!”

BTW, good luck with the adoption. I’ve always felt adopting a kid is one of the noblest things a person can do.

If it helps - they’re going to pray anyway, and at least this way they take responsibility for themselves and make what they want happen.

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