The Practice/X-Files Question

On “The Practice” this week, there was a character who I am sure has been on X-Files as one of the freaks. On “The Practice”, he was in jail and had made some kind of deal with Lara Flynn Boyle’s character (I don’t watch very often); I think his name was Jacky. I keep having this picture of him from “The X-Files” as some kind of night-dwelling, mutant creature with big, dark eyes, and really pale skin. This is driving me nuts, because I’ve seen him in a couple of other shows, and I can’t remember what his character was on X-Files. Anyone else know anything about this, or am I just imagining things?

He was in the first season, two episodes. The liver eater who showed up every 59? 40? years. He was pretty elastic-manuevered into rooms through grates etc. I don’t remember his name. It may come to me later.

According to IMDB, the actor’s name is Doug Hutchison. On The X-Files, he played Eugene Victor Tooms. His character on The Practice is either Jack or Jackie Cahill (it’s listed both ways at IMDB).

Hutchinson is perhaps best known for playing the unfortunately-named Percy Wetmore in The Green Mile

Yes! That’s the guy! I knew I wasn’t going crazy (well, not over this, anyway; the cat’s wedding dress may be a different story ;).