The Pratchett-Cecil Connection

I found a passage here interesting.

Try as I might, I can’t think of any Discworld things that would require the straightdope to as a reference work. Anything spring to mind?

What do you think - is Cecil the inspiration for a character? My money is on Vetinari, if he is (“Tax the rat farms” ). Or possible Carrot (no quotes seem fitting).

That does seem kinda weird. I mean, while it is true that Discworld is a parody of this one, I’m not sure what would translate…
Maybe I’m limiting myself by automatically thinking of the Discworld novels. Yeah, that could be it.

(Vimes? Err, no, nevermind. That just don’t work)

Well, Leonard of Quirm is the reclusive genius. Of course he’s a virtual prisoner of the Patrician ( Ed Zotti?)

::thinking:: TubaDiva, C K Dexter Haven, David B, and I are all fans of Pratchett. In fact, Dex has given me several books that are available in the UK but not in the States (he travels abroad frequently on business). Among other things, I have Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook which is informative and enlightening. And damn funny, except that the best bits have been edited out. Tuba gave me a Discworld calendar (illustrated by Paul Kidby), which I still have, despite it being last year’s calendar.

I don’t know if other mods/admins are Pratchett fans.

Upon meeting my brother’s fiancee, and learning that she loved Pratchett, I told my brother to marry her. They’ve been very happy together.

Leonard of Quirm is NOT a prisoner, he can get out any time he wants. But why would he want to? The Patrician gives him everything he wants, and keeps all annoyances away.

Terry Pratchett is a history, science, and trivia buff - in almost every book he will include a historical or linguistic origin tale, or a cultural tidbit perhaps, that he has gleaned from his wide and deep readings. It would not surprise me in the least if some of those readings included the Straight Dope.

An example may be discovering the truth behind the urban legends that he likes to use in cross-cultural books like ‘Last Continent’, ‘Interesting Times’, and ‘Fifth Elephant’.

I think that Cecil and Pratchett should collaborate on a book. I know I’D pay good money for it.

I sure would love to think that Terry Pratchett might be a lurker on this board. And that he might read something I said, and then be talkinhg to someone about something and say “It’s like somebody said . . .” and quote me.
Ok, it’s a silly little daydream, but no worse than Penthouse Forums.

It owuld be wonderful if we could start up a “Who here is really Terry Pratchett?” parinoia, but we don’t have anyone who shows both the writting skills and the sense of humor. Unless he is only funny when he’s working.

Terry used to be a regular on the newsgroup named after him ( but he found it took too much of his time, and also there was risk that ideas that people would come up with might also independently turn up in a future book, and the coincidence may look like idea-stealing.

However, having said that, it doesn’t preclude the possibility that he still might be a lurker (or anonymous poster) on a board such as this.

Well, there is the part about taking a shower afterwards. :smiley:

Maybe not one poster, but, hey! Most of these funny, successful, published people are nothing but conglomerates! Check out this thread :wink:

No no - I went to the first Discworld Convention back in 1996 and Pterry was there. Definitely one man - and a very funny one at that.

We love you Pterry!


I don’t know… His style is different, but I like Fenris’s writing alot. He is brilliant and hilarious. Hell, he could be Pratchett. :smiley:
There are alot of skilled writers on this message board, but something refined like a published novel goes through hours of grammer and spelling checks, something I am sure nobody does for their posts here. :wink:


Thanks! I’m flattered and stunned by the comparison, as Pratchett is one of my two or three favorite writers. I can’t imagine any writer I’d rather be compared to!


Well, off hand, in “Carpe Jugulum,” the list of things you can do to kill a vampire, which includes silly ones like scattering poppy seeds and putting lemon slices in the mouth, appears to be from Cecil.

Or maybe I AM Pratchett, and just posting this to throw you off the scent…