The Predator film, worth seeing in IMAX? (Open Spoilers)

I’ve got the AMC movie pass, so was strongly considering seen the film tomorrow at the IMAX at Navy Pier. It’s gotten very mixed reviews, and I did see the original not only at the cinema but also on VHS and DVD.

Worth seeing? Two hours of a popcorn movie or will I be heading to the bar after 15 minutes?

Spoilers are fine.

It’s a terrible movie. I saw it at the Lincoln Square IMAX and it didn’t add anything. The story and editing is just awful. Half the scene are so dark you can’t even see what’s is going on, so many plot lines and scenes go nowhere. It feels like a ton of scenes were cut out because so much makes so little sense.

This is my current pet peeve about movie-making techniques, directors seem to have got over the ‘shaky-cam’ thing so they’ve just moved on to something else to make films unwatchable.

Oh and the only good Predator movie is the original (Predators was OK), like the Alien/Aliens franchise you have to wonder how they’ve consistently managed to screw up what is rich potential movie-making material. Just adapt some of the Dark Horse comic strips if you really can’t think of anything, they’re infinitely better than the dreck we’ve been given.

But then I think the Alien/Predator story-universes should never have been crossed in the first place. Though again if it was done well

I decided not to go see it, I just didn’t want to ruin my fond memories of seeing the original. It was the wonderful time between graduation from high school and starting college, spent lots of time at the mall watching Predator and playing video games. I’m sure I’m misremembering, but it seems like the mall movie theatre showed Predator pretty much that entire summer.

I think IMAX or not is a secondary question. The primary one is whether to see it. To my misfortune, I saw it in IMAX and I regret every moment of it.

Think of the worst Shane Black has to offer and think of the worst the Predator movies have to offer. This movie lowers the bar on both. It is an incoherent mess through and through.

You made a good call. I saw it over the weekend and it’s the closest I’ve come to walking out of a cinema since The Thin Red Line. The Predator is a truly awful movie. I am however looking forward to the sequel which will apparently feature Earth under attack from an improved species of autistic Predators. (I kid you not) :rolleyes::dubious:

That’s too bad. I really, really liked Black’s *The Nice Guys *- one of the most underappreciated movies of the past few years. It’s a shame his follow-up isn’t close to that level.

As a big fan of the Predator franchise, I also was disappointed over the movie. The plot was just dumb to me and the ending was fight/chase/spaceship sequence fell completely flat because there were no stakes whatsoever. I think the potential “sequel” (if there is one) will prove to be even dumber than this movie is.

How hard can it be to make a good Predator movie anyway? Although I say that, I was a big fan of Predators and thought that was a cool take on the franchise that didn’t just copy the original (Predator 2) or emasculate and dumb-down the species (AVP series).

Eh, just pull the fire alarm and it’ll be fine.

I won’t watch it again to do my own count but I’ll ask: is that more or less than were so dark they were unwatchable in AVP:R? Because I remember that was one of my biggest complaints was that they had sold me a ticket by leading me to believe I was going to watch stuff happen to people (and aliens and predators, natch) while what they actually were gonna show was turned out to be a mostly black screen for 90 minutes.

Not worth seeing on any screen, IMHO.

It’s not as dark as AvP, but most scenes do occur at night.

I’m a fan of Shane Black and was very disappointed. It felt like the movie was carved like a roast in editing and was written over a long weekend. Did not like it.