The Professor has died [Russell Johnson of "Gilligan's Island"]

Russell Johnson also known as the “Professor” from Gilligan’s Island, has passed on to the great island in the sky.

Let us hope that there is bamboo there.

And coconuts.
Adios Roy Hinkley. Another childhood idol gone.


That’s very sad. I hate Gilligan’s Island, actually, but he was watchable. And, if memory serves, a pretty good guy during the Red Scare.

In addition to being an actor, Johnson was a bomber pilot who served in World War II. And he had two marriages which both lasted over thirty years.

Another one has moved on to the big island in the sky. RIP Russell, I can’t imagine anyone playing the Professor as well as you did.

He was also very good in the SF classic It Came from Outer Space.

I mentioned him in a post just yesterday. Damn! :frowning:

When I was a kid, I often dreamed my parents were Dawn Wells and Russell Johnson (or sometimes Richard Dawson).* The Professor was by far my favorite character on GI; in many ways, he was kind of a forerunner of Mr Spock.


*And I would still happily do Dawn Wells today. She never fails to turn me on!

Should have published more…

Aw, damn, just saw this on the news headlines. His was the best cast book about the series, IMHO.

Sail on, Professor.

You know it was somehow Gilligan’s fault.

And the rest in peace, Professor.

I see what you did there, but it has a certain lyric beauty to it.

The only white guy who could pull off the white jeans with white oxford look and not stick out like a sore achromatic thumb.

Russell Johnson, who played “The Professor” on Gilligan’s Island is dead.
Natural causes were cited.
He was 89.

Forget Gilligan’s Island- Russell Johnson sacrificed himself to electrocute the giant crabs in Attack of the Crab Monsters.

He was a freaking HERO, guys!

The Professor and Rueben Kincaid both in the same day. I hope somebody is keeping a watchful eye on Ann B. Davis.

You mean the guy in the long black hooded robe over there?

Duplicate thread

I just discovered an interesting bit of trivia: according to IMDb, Johnson was in 98 of 99 episodes of Gilligan’s Island (as were Dawn Wells and Tina Louise). Does anyone know which episode(s) did not feature the full cast?

Edit: Never mind, I found the answer- the pilot episode had different actors playing the Professor and Ginger, and character named Bunny, who was later renamed Mary Ann.

Russell Johnson shares a name with one of my kin, and we used to ask him how pretty Mary Ann and Ginger were when he was on the island.

Farewell, Professor of whatever-you-needed-to-be-this-episode.

But remember y’all, this is a man of Science who can make a battery out of a coconut, salt water and something he stole from Ginger’s makeup kit when she wasn’t watching, but yet, he can’t repair the Minnow.