The properties of rusting

I have been thinking about rusting and how it properly works; including the equalibrium of rusting. I have, after serious thinking, havn’t really got any where in finding the answer to whether rusting is an Endothermic reaction, or an Exothermic. Please could you enlighten me on this one? :confused:

It’s exothermic. For more details:
Or Google - the web is full of texts on basic inorganic chemistry

The exothermic reaction between iron and air provides the heat from chemical hand warmers. If you have some powdered iron, you can make your own.
A flashier demonstration of the reaction involves briefly touching a 9 volt battery to a piece of fine steel wool. Sparks will fly, and the metal will burn red hot.

I know what you mean, but that’s not really a proof. I can plug an electric radiator into a power point and it will burn red hot, but there’s no exothermic chemical reaction going on in the radiator.