The public's reactions to accusations against Michael Jackson

Frequently children share my bed.

If i said this to you, how would you react?

Michael Jackson says it and his record sales go up 1000%.


He was once accused of molesting a child. He was never convicted.

Is it illegal to have a child sleeping in your bed? I admit that it is weird but it doesn’t prove anything.

Did you see the interview?

Amp if the cite you’re looking for is in regard to the sales it’s being widely reported in the British press with figures given by HMV and other sales outlets.

I saw the interview; it was pretty damn creepy, that’s for sure. Personally I wouldn’t let my child near the man. But according to the Santa Barbara D.A., he’s not breaking the law.


I thought sales from his last album tanked so bad that he actually sued Sony for not promoting it properly.

They did but after the interview shops reported that instead of the several albums a week normal sales they are now seeing several hundred a week. Some shops reported selling out of Thriller for example. Seems to prove the old adage of there being no such thing as bad publicity

What exactly are we supposed to be debating here?

ot oh, looks like this thread is turning into a train crash already, whose getting off this train with me?

Not really debating much of anything. However is you want to Why not start by asking why he hasn’t been on the DCYS radar for his own children who he dangles over balconies, covers their faces when in public, and has 13 year old boys share his bed with him.
Bravo to the british chap who shared more of Michael’s life than anyone else has been able to in over a decade.

We are debating if moc.liamtoh@rorrim’s record sales will increase 1000% if he admits he is molestering children.

oh, ok, but the title is a little disturbing, could he change it? It’s quite misleading…

that “it’s quite misleadering”?


Shouldn’t it be Molesterizationing?


words like this make the Baby Dubya cry.

Quote: “In light of the creepy new Michael Jackson documentary, below you’ll find the bombshell court document that first raised allegations that the singer was involved in inappropriate behavior with a young boy.”

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I saw the interview too and I think MJ is definitely not all the way there in the head. I wouldn’t let my kids near him either. However, and I know I’ll get some flack for saying this, I thought the reporter was a little over the top. He was digging around for controversy when there was already plenty on the table. One thing that pissed me off was when the reporter made a big deal about MJ’s final “humilation”. The guy didn’t speak german and it could have happened to anyone.

I don’t know, I haven’t read all the court testimony so I’m not going to say whether or not he’s guilty of child molestation-that being said, I have to question his intelligence when he admits to still sleeping with children. It could be perfectly innocent, but don’t his lawyers realize that he’s setting himself up for another lawsuit??

Wow, I can’t wait to live in a country where taking a nap with a kid is illegal! Boy howdy, that’d be super!