The Punishment of Anne

Anybody seen this movie? Back in my college days I had a few friends who saw this movie and claimed that it was border-line legal and it was a mind warping kind of film. Had another friend who saw it and said that it was pretty lame. I’ve never been able to find a copy of it, or many references to it on the web, and I’m curious as to whether or not it was any good or not.

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Haven’t seen it, but I did Google it a minute ago and got 199 returns.

Saw it a long time ago. It’s like The Story of O, except IIRC a little more graphic. The plot was something like this guy meets an old girlfriend who has this sex-slave, Anne, and they both have various punishment and humiliation episodes with her (hence the title).

It is definitely for the BDSM crowd (not that I’d know anything about that), but it’s not porn. More of an erotic art film.

Again, it’s been like 15 years, but I remember it being a decent flick. At the time, I’m sure it raised a few eyebrows, but it’s probably tame by today’s standards.

Let me know if you want to know more about it. I don’t know how to do that spoiler thing!

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lost4life, post yer spoilers. I’m curious about this film, and the odds of my being able to find it are nonexistant, I’m sure.

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This place sells it,but they are out of stock it seems:

I’ll just do it with good old fashioned spoiler space (I don’t have time right now to figure out the spoiler code). I’m not sure why I’m bothering, because it’s not like anyone is going to see this film, or be worried about the ending!

Spoiler space. Stop reading here or you’ll ruin the spectacular ending of this fine film!

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Well, it’s been a while, but this girl and this guy work Anne over, and she really gets off on it. I remember one scene where she is fetching a whip or something from another room, sees a crucifix and stops before it, saying “forgive me for I know exactly what I’m doing” or something like that.
Anyway, during a scene with Anne, the two doms get into a fight over something. There’s a scuffle and Anne comes to the aid of her mistress, whacking the guy with something. The guy staggers away. A few days later, he comes back to patch things up. The dom lady is nervous, and after some chit-chat, she disrobes and it becomes clear that secretly she had really wanted to be dominated. It ends with the guy working her over.

This is all patched together from 15 years ago or so, but I’m sure it’s basically right. I can let you know more about it. While it was not a great film, it was a real film, not an s&m video. It had a real plot, decent acting, location shooting, good cinematography. In other words, while it had some hot scenes, it was not made as a wanking film. Oddly, I think I rented it from the local small town video store.
Just out of curiousity, why the interest in this particular film? If you see it, I’d like to hear if my recollection was correct.

More years ago than I care to think about, I had a buddy who had a copy of this film on tape. He used to rave about it and claimed that there were efforts underway to get the film banned in the States and that he was risking life and limb by having a copy, and that he was probably on an FBI watch list because he had a copy. All of which I found kind of hard to swallow. A mutual friend of ours had seen the film and told me it wasn’t anything spectacular. I never got to see the film for one reason or another and have always been curious as to what it really was like.

I already mentioned it, but if you saw The Story of O, it’s not much different than that. I think your buddy was a bit paranoid. I really did rent it at the local (non-alternative) video store in a small midwestern town, mid 80s IIRC.

It came out in the mid 70’s, so I’m sure it raised a few eyebrows with the bdsm subject matter.