The pupae were watching

On this beautiful day where I hail from, I was doing my usual morning constitutional in the usual enchanting decor (radiant sunshine, birds chirping, river flowing, air fragrant with the myriad of flowers encountered on the way, cool breeze) when I suddenly felt something was wrong with this idyllic setting: you know, the feeling you get when you’re being observed? Looking around and noticing I was quite alone, I was a bit perplexed. Until it dawned on me: it was those thousands and thousands of pupae with their microscopic eyes fixed on me saying: “Just wait a week or two; we’ll strike at you, with a vengeance!!”

Needless to say that what began as a dream-like day soon turned to a nightmare. I quickly returned to my abode, more than a bit dejected at the perspective of the ordeal awaiting me during the next several weeks.

I was about to give way to utter despair, when I remembered Una Cece’s teeming masses and the never-ending sound advice they are usually more than willing to share with their fellow members. So, after this brief intro, here goes:

Aside from the usual recommendations (i.e. DEET, light vs dark clothing, etc.), have any of you out there found anything that is REALLY effective in dealing with mosquitoes and other pesky little buggers (generally of the winged variety) and would allow me to continue to enjoy my daily exercise during the next several weeks??

As an aside, has any usefulness been found in nature for the little blood-suckers, or are they simply a major pain?

While they’re still in the larval stage, you can kill them by pouring oil on the water.

I find a diet high in garlic has reduced my attractiveness to mosquitos. I’m not bite-proof, but I don’t get bitten as much.

But what about your social life :slight_smile:

As long as no one tries to suck blood out of me, I’m okay.

Well where im from in California, the cities usually put a thin layer of oil on all of the Vernal pools to kill the buggers. And, having a semi-arid climate does help. Personally, when i was in yosemite, the bug repellants did help some, but even without them, i wasnt bit too badly. I guess i’m just not attractive to mosquitoes. However, Fleas just love me. I also hear that if you take zinc supplements, in a year you’ll taste nasty to biting insects.

Zinc pills DO work! When I was in Texas, it was one of the only effective remedies against the little bastards. Smoking cigarettes seems to keep them at bay as well, but since an itch-free epidermis isn’t really worth the lung cancer, I wouldn’t advise it.

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