In “Jailhouse Rock” … “The whole rythm section was the Purple Gang”. As a youngster, I didn’t pay much attention to this line thinking it was for the sake of the rhyme, but now Iam reading Elmore Leonard’s “PAGAN BABIES” crime novel and in it he also alludes to the “Purple Gang”. Any of you students of organized crime know the history of this nefarious group of Gangsters?



Here’s some info on the Purple Gang.

Since I found it (and many others) easily using Google, perhaps you should refer also to manhattan’s instructions for the care and feeding of GQ.

I’m still working on “Number Twenty Seven said to Number Three, ‘You’re the cutest jailbird I ever did see.’” There were coed prisons in 1957? I didn’t think so. Although Elvis did wear a lot of eye liner…

No, really, look here for the story of Detroit’s Purple Gang.

You know, I did read manhattan’s instructions and your terse reply to my question just now and I have come to the conclusion that if an answer to my question can be found elsewhere then you do not want to see it posted here. Have I got that right? And if I do, then are you inviting everyone (not just me) not to post here even though I see some very interesting replies to some very odd questions that I am also sure can be found elsewhere?

If that is the case, then it needs to be defined a little clearer before everyobe becomes too paranoid to post here at all anymore.

Just my opinion, and thanks for your answer.

I responded to your comment in thread already referenced here. I am glad you posted this question.

The Purple Gang??

I always thought it was bruisers named Eller, Larsen, Page and Marshall. :smiley:

Hey! Put away your insults. I was only following manny’s orders–

The SDMB and this forum in particular rely on a constant stream of high-quality questions, accurate answers and witty wisecracks to stay alive.

QUASIMODEM: I seem to have offended you. I assure you no offense was intended. I was just trying to play by the guidelines here, and doing what I could to make sure others know the guidelines too.

You say:

No. It’s not a question of what I want; it’s not my board. But if the mods assure us the board will be coughing blood soon unless some engrained habits change I believe them. They’re trying to maintain, with limited physical resources, a free exchange of information, ideas and opinions from a literal world of posters; urging restraint in posting seems to me a good approach.

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Good point. That’s the flip side. I read SD for those ‘very interesting replies’ too. If I read an intriguing question in GQ, do I assume the poster has searched SD archives and used google/altavista/your-favorite-search-engine and come up empty before I try to answer it? If I assume otherwise and find the answer in SD archives, say, do I go ahead and post the link, or is that just exacerbating the problem?

I don’t know the answer. I think I’ll go back to lurking for a while, at least in GQ.

You say:

You’re welcome.