The purpose of neckties

cecil, I think you have overlooked one very viable purpose of the necktie: simply to cover up the buttons on collared shirts. If you look at classic attire, you will notice that few buttons show. This is the purpose of cuflinks; to hide the otherwise ‘unsightly’ look of a button.

This also helps to explain why no one (save punk rockers) wears a tie with anyt shirt that lacks buttons. A polo has a collar, but without full lenth buttons we do not wear a tie.


OK, but WHY would you want to cover the buttons with a tie?

Probably because, that way, you can wear a tie.

What are we talking about here?

Believe it’s this one: What is, or was the purpose of men’s neckties?

They’re great for hiding food stains that occur during a quick lunch.

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Echoing through my mind is Karl Pilkington’s advocacy of the pocket tie–“Give it a purpose.” Karl would keep his keys, his debit card, a small snack, and a pair of scissors in his pocket tie.