The quirky side of Spam

Well, I was reading this article in Slate today, and they were talking about the new line of Spam commercials. They’re perfectly frightening at times, but they’re really funny as well. I just wanted to know what everyone else thought of it.

Apparently nobody thought it worth commenting on. Pffft. :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps they haven’t seen them? I know I haven’t seen any Spam commericals in the past couple of years.

I haven’t seen any of those commercials, or others for Spam.

From this, I deduce that my spam-killing software is far exceeding my expectations! :smiley:

or maybe i just don’t watch much tv

No spam commercials in Michigan that I’m aware of. Not that big a product locally–most of the year, meat preservation is not a problem.

…I don’t have cable. I haven’t watched any TV since June. Oddly, I don’t miss it, either.