"The Rainbow Fish" innocent introduction to sharing or gateway to Socialism

Per “The Giving Tree” thread here is another book The Rainbow Fish that seems to have various interpretations. Is there anywhere online I can see the entire book?

Probably not. You can read it at the library in less than 10 minutes, though.

This book makes Baby Ayn cry.


As to the book, I want to say that the message isn’t about losing your individuality or “sharing the wealth”, but about giving of yourself and being humble. Consider: the fish was vain and selfish and thought himself better than the other fish. By giving his scales away, he was acknowledging that the other fish had worth, and that he was no better than anyone else.

Then again, it could just be teaching children that they should give away their valuable possessions just so they can have friends.

You are all wrong.

Self-mutilation in the name of others? That’s blatant Christian propaganda!

Well I think that it is a very subtle method of poisoning childrens minds with the tenets of Communism,gay marriage and murdering babies as a prelude to America being under the jackboot of inferior races who will make white people obey their orders,become Muslims and have enforced school holidays celebrating perverts of the same sex doing disgusting things to each other.
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Reminds me of the ironically named “The Happy Prince” by Oscar Wilde, which is also open to interpretation.

You know what bugs me the most about the book? It’s that the other fish accept the offer of the Rainbow Fish to partition out his scales. For me, if I had avoided the RF because I perceived him as self-centered and vain, the mere sincere offer of the scale would be enough for me to see past that. I really thought the end of the book would be that the other fish would take his offer as a gesture of humility and refuse it.

To parallel the discussion on The Giving Tree, I’d like the Rainbow Fish story much better if it ended similarly: “And the Rainbow Fish and the other fish were fast friends from then on. But not really.”

Well people do like to get stuff.

But without his shiny scales, how will guide Santa’s submarine?

The Happy Prince is weird; it’s like The Giving Tree, if both of them were trees. The Prince gives away all his wealth to the city’s poor, without asking anything in return, and the swallow stays with him until he dies.

I think it’s one of Oscar Wilde’s best works, though.

This unexpected turn actually made me LOL, literally for once :slight_smile: