The Rainmaker

Why was Danny Glover not credited in the movie The Rainmaker? He had a pretty significant part…

I remember Devito but not Glover, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen it.

He played the part of Judge Kipler…

Can’t say specifically here, but there are a lot of reasons why an actor goes uncredited.

Most common: The lead actor wants to take a small role (i.e., not a lead). If he’s credited for a minor part, the studios can use it as a negotiating part (“You didn’t play the lead, so we’re not playing you leading man rates.”). By leaving off credit, it lets the actor play the role without jeopardizing his earnings (Robin Williams often did this).

Sometimes it’s a dispute. The actor didn’t like the film and doesn’t want to be connected with it, so he removes his name from the credits. Other times, the actors appearance is a joke or cameo and crediting the name would give things away.

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