The real roots of religions and philosophical belief systems

I have come into contact with many new theories of ancient roots of religion and I would love to get a conversation started about it. I through my own research and fellow “pseudo scientists” have discovered through the translation of over 1 million sumerian tablets world wide that the sumerians knew where we came from. The location of these “Gods” is questionable but seems to translate to another planet 4 to 8 times larger then our own planet called nibiru and it seems to be home to the annunaki race. This race is very similar to us yet 450,000 years advanced in its technology.

The story goes that these enlightened beings handed down tools to make us civilized such as; Mining, agriculture, writing, art, math, philosophy, religion, and much more much more. The mining part is very interesting because according to the story we were originally created to mine the earth of all of its resources in which they come down whenever they so choose and strip us of our resources (which is also something that I don’t quite understand, possibly they need the gold to keep alive on their planet!) We were found by the annunaki as being very simple bi pedal hominids.

The annunaki recently had their very own Nuclear war on their own planet prior to the time of the Sumerians in what is now called IRAQ. The annunaki nearly wiped themselves our and seeked to continue their DNA strain (which explains the .1-1 % of our DNA that has not been sequenced or traced). The roots of all topics, ideals, principals, history, religions, arts, politics, spirit worlds, E.T.'s, and GODS all come from this Race. I also do believe in a spirit world that is disconnected to the annunaki as they also believe in a GOD that is higher than them! Pyramids, ancient civilizations, sea fairing, maps of Antarctica pre-Ice, Easter Island, cave drawings, pumu punku, atlanteans, lemurians, and more are all the followings of the Annunaki genetic experiment! I could write about this all day! The reason I am even bringing it up is because I believe that I have found the answers to the majority of the conspiracy theories, religious beliefs, and philosophical belief systems to date. The idea that we have a 10th planet and that we are part of a binary star system is something that I too believe is possible but I find it hard to understand unless of course the planet has its own internal heat source (which maybe has some correlation to the mining of gold as well) as Zechariah Hitchens proposes! If there is a 10th planet and it has an approx. 3600-3700 year orbit around our sun then that would explain a lot in relation to worldwide catastrophes that have occurred in the past as well as the Mayan belief of cyclical time!

Since Niburu’s mass is so large and it comes in between Jupiter and Mars on a very high elliptical orbit that can be seen worldwide with the naked eye in the night sky at certain times and years (which is purposively anywhere from 2012-2085 with the viewing in N. America possibly available as soon as the end of 2009 as it comes closer in to our sun)! If the Mayan calendar with its system of Tuns in cyclical time not linear like our current system which could be based off of the return of the planet nibiru every 3600 years or so. The Egyptian pyramids designed to face Orion and North, South, East, West. The face on mars as well as ancient pyramidical structures that have been way more weathered then what we currently have (due to a larger lapse of time) as well as stories in ancient religious texts of Floods around the world occurring could authenticate this large body’s existence that is also home to the annunaki race (a bi pedal reptilian looking race that looks half human and have reptilian). If a body that large came near earth it would distort our: orbit, elliptic, magnetism, and polar locations. Which seem to be the theories behind the 2012 scenarios that are becoming more main stream pseudo science. Please comment on this topic and feel free to ask me anything you want since I am a truth seeker in a world of uncertainty!

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I don’t believe there’s sufficient evidence to support the hypothesis you’re suggesting

The quality of that evidence is itself rather questionable. Being the first to write random, mystical stuff doesn’t mean that yours is any better than what follows. Though, yeah, I doubt that the OP actually could read or did read ancient Sumerian tablets, translated or not. It sounds mostly like he picked up the names of a couple of gods and proceeded to make up all new random, mystical stuff with little basis in actual Sumerian beliefs.

Background on this particular theory, if anyone cares.

The entire genome has been sequenced. Several times. I have no idea what you mean by “traced”.

I have some problems though:

  1. Why would the extraterrestrials have the same biochemical makeup we have? Why would they even have DNA to cross with ours? We know we evolved on this planet (because our biology matches the other life forms here), so the only explanation I can think of is the extraterrestrials somehow evolved on this planet then left, then came back. However, that doesn’t make much sense. If a species that could travel across planets used to exist here, there would’ve been some sign. Technology like that doesn’t come out of nowhere, you have to have a very advanced civilization (that will leave many signs behind) if you decide to leave the planet. If we humans leave the planet, we will leave behind many signs that we are here that even basic archaeology will uncover.

  2. If they created us to work as slaves then it really doesn’t make sense. For one thing, before the advent of modern science (germ theory, agriculture, etc) the world population was small, less than a billion. If we were created by these beings, why didn’t they explain basic medicine, sanitation, nutrition and agriculture to us? Even extremely basic knowledge like germ theory, nutritional science and agricultural science would’ve put the human race on a trajectory totally different than the one we have been on. Why wouldn’t they explain basic medicine and science to us?

  3. A species 450,000 years more advanced than us would have machinery that could do a better job of mining. We humans have had advanced technology for maybe 300 years (the scientific revolution and industrial revolution until today). However in just 300 years of R&D we have extremely advanced mining technology. I remember a documentary not long ago about a coal mine vehicle that would cut coal out of a wall and package it. The operator turned it on and after about 15 seconds he said ‘it just did as much work as a coal miner would during a full day’s shift back in 1900’. Maybe not 1900, but before technology.

So if we are slaves, why would they need us? We (humans) are roughly 30 years away from having bipedial robots that can perform most of the jobs of humans. Since fields like robotics or information technology grows exponentially in power while seeing massive price declines (a laptop that is more powerful than the world’s most powerful supercomputer that cost millions of dollars and took up a room 25 years ago costs about $400 now) that means within 50 years robots will be dirt cheap and highly reliable. A robot would do a far better job than a slave. It wouldn’t sleep, take up resources, it would work 24/7 for years on end.

Even modern technology (minus robotics) can mine far far better than humans can w/o technology. Like I was saying earlier, some coal mining technology can do the work of a human being in a few seconds.

Also, we didn’t mine for raw materials (in any meaningful level) in our history. Most of human history was just an attempt as survival. We didn’t even have agriculture until 6,000 years ago. High quantity mining has only existed for a hundred years or so.

Also the SETI program has been searching for signs of ET via radio signals. If there is a nuclear capable civilization, it is going to give off ‘some’ radio signals. If it was within our solar system we would’ve found it by now.
Also, many of the things you describe have been created and discovered by humans.

We know humans invented these things, because the historical record shows it. Muhammed created Islam. Buddha created Buddhism. Philosophies were created by humans who wrote texts on their views. Math advances were written by humans who took credit for them. Political ideologies were created by humans who took credit for them (marxism for example).

Basically, every one of those advances is ours. We created them for better or worse.
I understand the confusion about all the events in human history, but I don’t think this explanation holds water.

If you want to read interesting material about our nature, read something on evolutionary psychology.

The moral animal

How the mind works

Evolution for everyone

All interesting books on human philosophy, ethics and history.

To add one more to Wesley’s list, if anyone is interested in the real roots of religion, requiring no Hubbardy aliens (who only put the real question back a step - how did their religions arise?), I recommend Pascal Boyer’s Religion Explained as literally one of the best books I have ever read.

Its central thesis is that the ‘religions’ of our evolutionay ancestors arose due to the very same ‘instincts’ that formed their psychology and society. To start with, humans are prone to detecting the work of intelligent agents even when none are involved. I make spears, she makes clothes, so who made the animals and the world? If humans are characterised by a kind of Hyperactive Agent Detection, then unseen agents appear more likely than natural causes, since getting it wrong the other way (seeing innocent natural pocesses when someone really is machinating in some way) would leave us vulnerable to the tricks of others in a way which may threaten our very survival (or at least, those of our genes - cuckolding is the ultimate deception in terms of possibly terminating our own gene-line).

Add to this the predisposition in children to construct unseen agents with actual ‘personalities’ - someone to ‘bounce ideas off’ perhaps - and the veneration of ancestors who may still be ‘watching’ from somewhere, and one immediately has the appeaance of being surrounded by unseen, powerful agents who have their own agenda and can cause the good or ill luck we see in the course of our everyday lives. Boyer peppers his book with anthropological studies from hunter-gatherer tribes around the world, whose religions share many common traits. (Interestingly, not many of them share the traits we associate with our religions.) I strongly recommend his work to anyone interested in natural explanations for belief in the supernatural.

Well, if you’re going to get all picky about “evidence” … I mean, who’s to say what evidence really is, anyway?