The REAL Six million Dollar Man is from Tennessee

Tennessee electrician, who has lost both arms, gains major bionic reconstruction.

He gains enough control to play ball with his grandchildren.

I thought this thread was going to be about Bruce Peterson, whose crash in the M2-F2 was shown on The Six Million Dollar Man title sequence.

But he’s from North Dakota.

Oh man, so cool - that is exactly what I have been wanting to do forever. Since the '60s that kind of thing was possible with apes and chimps, it just wasn’t known how hard it would be to duplicate it on a human. Now we know and it can only get better.


Is his boss named Oscar?

anyways, it will only get better and better from here. Amazing stuff!
Thanks, Bosda.

I hope they made it make a “neeneeneeneeneenee” sound.

Next thing you know, he’ll be pulling chain link fence posts out of the ground and throwing them every which way.