The Red Lilght District

I was chatting with a pal today about this and that when we got onto the subject of “The Red Light District”. Neither of us were able to come up with a satisfactory answer as to the origin of the title.

Is there anyone out there who knows how this title came about and how it came to mean what it means today ?

My hubby put in his two cents worth with - the doctors used to have a red light outside their premises. Didn’t satisfy really.

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I have no cite, but a friend told me once that the ladies would shine red lights on themselves to minimize blemishes and stuff. It DOES make you look a bit younger and better, as blue lights make you look older and paler.

I have no idea if it’s true.

Internet research turns up that many brothels in Victorian times advertised with red lights or red candles in the windows.

It may also have came from the fact that railroad men would leave their red lanterns outside while paying a visit to the house of love.

You may want to ask in General Questions. They are good with word origins there.

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The Red Light District

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